About us

View of Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre
  • Information about us

Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre meets all staffing requirements set out by relevant state licensing departments. In Victoria, this is the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development. Contact details for the DEECD are displayed in the foyer of the Centre.

Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre has a policy of employing qualified staff and supporting continued professional development. All staff at our Centre are dedicated, caring professionals who have studied courses in relation to child development.

All groups are staffed by a qualified Group Leader and an Assistant in attendance as required.

  • Family Orientation

We like to meet with each new family before your child starts at our Centre to discuss your child’s needs. This allows you and your child to meet the staff and become familiar with the environment and exchange important information about your child’s routines etc. We recommend families spend a minimum of one or two mornings at the Centre prior to starting, to ease the transition from home to Centre. This process also helps parents settle into the Centre. It is vitally important that parents are comfortable with the staff and environment to help with their transition as well.

  • Confidence & Independence

Enjoy watching your child grow in confidence and independence aided by the motivation and positive challenges inspired by the people at Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre.

  • Safe & Secure

Here at Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre is where the children in our care feel safe and secure through the extensive support and always watchful eye of caring staff.

  • Ideal Environment

We have invested in intelligent development based on advanced child research to ensure we have a diverse, playful environment where children play and learn.