engaging children with play

At Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre, we believe in a play based approach to our programs which are based on children’s interests as well as meeting their specific developmental strengths and needs. Play is a vital part of a child’s life and is the way they make sense of the world.

Our programs aim to ensure a safe and secure environment which allows children to explore freely and make discoveries as they interact with their environment, peers and early childhood educators. Respect for others and the acceptance of similarities and differences in each child and adult is also promoted.

We observe children’s interests, abilities and needs very carefully and provide appropriate individual and group experiences to challenge and stimulate each child.

Within the program, children are given opportunities to:

  • Make choices
  • Develop creative abilities
  • Problem solve
  • Share and cooperate with others

You will find the program for each group displayed in your child’s room. Information will also be available explaining why activities are provided and how they promote skill development in the children.

  • Individual Observations and Checklist

Fortnightly child free programming time is allocated to staff, to plan and evaluate each individual child’s progress. An individual observations and objectives record is maintained for each child. The records are used to plan the activities provided and promote learning in all skill areas, these include:

  • Physical [fine and gross motor] development
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Language development
  • Cognitive development

If you would like any clarification on goals and plans for your child, you are welcome to discuss any or all aspects of the program with the staff and the Centre Manager.

When a child moves from one group to another the staff will discuss the child’s developmental stage prior to the move. Parents can request to see this information at any time.

  • Rest Time

We encourage the children in our care to participate in rest time as a compulsory part of a full day program. All children are encouraged to rest, but no children are forced to sleep.

It is often a long day for most of the children who attend the centre and rest is as important as play. Children in the older Rooms will be provided with the opportunity to choose quiet activities, or to lay down/rest as necessary. This will be discussed with parents/guardians.

  • Toys

Children are not to bring their toys to the centre as they are easily broken or misplaced. If your child requires a toy for comfort, you are welcome to bring this along and store it in your child’s locker.

Children are welcome to bring any interesting objects that they have found or made at home as these items form an important part of our learning sessions.

  • Entertainment/Incursions

The centre will endeavour to provide all children with the opportunity to learn from different experiences. We will organise a number of educational shows to come to the centre to perform for the children. Entertainment may include puppet shows, indigenous performers, musical performances, magic shows, animal farms, etc.

  • Sun Protection

Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre encourages sun safe play while playing outdoors.

The centre will supply sunscreen, with the protection rating of 30+ for each child. If you wish to supply individual sunscreen for your child, it should be marked with your child’s name and handed to the staff member in charge of your child’s group.

Children’s clothing should cover the shoulders.

A separate Sun Protection policy is available from the Centre Manager.